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Signs Your Truck Needs Diesel Engine Service & Repair

As a truck owner who is not acquainted with diesel engines, you may face many issues. If you don’t observe the early signs of an engine issue, it may lead to bigger problems. Thus, it is important to be familiar with the signs that your truck and its engine are experiencing problems so that you can visit a nearby mechanic at the earliest.

We bring you some common signs indicating that your truck needs diesel engine service & repair in Houston, TX.

Low Fuel Efficiency

Compared to petrol engines, diesel engines are popular for their fuel efficiency. If you notice a sudden dip in your fuel efficiency and increase in the trips to the gas station, it may indicate a damaged or worn-out fuel injector. What is the value of diesel engines if they give you the fuel efficiency of a petrol engine?

Contact your nearest technician for troubleshooting & repairing diesel engines in Houston, TX. An expert will diagnose the issue and repair it so that you can enjoy good fuel efficiency.


One of the most common complaints diesel truck owners have is overheating. It is caused when the engine is pushed too hard and leads to many issues such as distorted cylinder heads, crushed head gasket, expanding pistons, damage to crankshaft and bearing. 

Sometimes, you may require your diesel engine to provide you with extra power. However, please don’t push it over the limit, as it can shorten your diesel engine life. Visit an expert technician for troubleshooting & repairing diesel engines in Houston, TX.

Blue Or Black Exhaust Smoke

A change in the exhaust color indicates that the engine is burning oil. Diesel engines are known to emit more smoke as compared to petrol engines. However, too much black exhaust smoke may indicate an imbalance in the fuel-to-air ratio. It may be due to a faulty turbocharger, injector pump, air filter, or injector.

An expert technician will point out the exact problem and troubleshoot it. 

Knocking Sound

A knocking sound in your diesel engine truck may indicate a serious problem. When your truck starts to make a different sound, you should book a schedule with the nearest technician. It may be due to numerous underlying issues such as:

    • There might be an issue with the fuel injector that affects the compression ratio and reduces performance.
    • An issue with the main bearings
    • An issue with the piston skirts
    • An issue with the lining seals

Power Loss

Diesel trucks are popular for their torque and power. If you observe a decline in your truck’s power or it doesn’t accelerate as it used to, drive it to the nearest technician. A power reduction can be due to loose throttle linkage, damaged fuel injector, or dirty fuel filters. 

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